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Lump in the upper arm after blood draw. Should be concerned? Posted on Fri, 29 Jun 2012 in General Health. Question: After having blood drawn today a lump came up in my upper arm, what could this be, should I be concerned or just wait for it to go down?. Big lump in arm after blood draw Lump in arm after drawing blood. 23/11/2007 · Moderate Pain and Brusing Far From Site After Blood Drawn?. about an hour and took tylenol. And now, 9 hours later, I am so sore from the site 6 inches up, on the inside of my bicep. Also very sore about 4 inches down, on the inside of my forearm,. You must have had a crappy nurse draw the blood. 10/05/2014 · severe pain after having blood drawn. Haybudden. December 3rd, 2011. was just at the local small town clinic getting blood drawn for a test, I have had this done before and have no trouble with needles or blood, I have arms were the muscle is very dense and super low bodyfat, Blacksmith so the veins pop right out, so this should have been no. 08/12/2019 · Nerve damage in forearm after blood test. I had a routine blood draw in November 2011,. If I twist a certain way I just want to yelp out in pain! My bicep is sore, where she took my blood is sore, the side of my arm is sore. Im just a mess. The whole area is greenish yellow. Which tells me that although I didn't say anything and she didn't say anything she recognised getting blood from me is not easy. Anyway, I did bruise. Oddly not at the puncture site, but randomly around the lower arm. Arm has been sore ever since, mainly around the bruising. Last night I woke up in.

02/05/2005 · I had my blood drawn on Thursday and now there is bruising all the way from where my arm folds.down to my wrist. My entire arm also aches. I was just wondering if this is something to be concerned about. I have blood drawn all the time and this has never happened before. Thanks, Hilery - Same happened to me 2 weeks. 20/10/2014 · One vial? Well, after 5 years of twice-weekly to every-3-months blood draws, all I can say is, that's a new one. In fact, my oncologist draw has a spare hold and it's a separate vial. I can't address the pain. I recently had a nerve hit when they were trying to get an IV started for Zometa and it caused me some discomfort for a day or so. Generally there should not be a lot of soreness after giving blood, but a little soreness is common. It’s going to vary from person to person and donation to donation. I’ve had soreness after donations for the following reasons. 1. Bad stick. Some. 16/01/2018 · When you get cut, components of your blood clump together to form a clot. This stops the bleeding. Sometimes blood inside your veins or arteries can form a semisolid lump and cause a clot that serves no purpose. This can be damaging. DVT usually occurs in veins of the legs, but it can develop in. Although we hope that no one will have any ill effects from giving blood, occasionally bruising of the arm and some arm pain may develop. Does it hurt to give blood? Following needle insertion you should be comfortable during your donation. If your arm hurts or feels sore while giving blood please alert a.

30/05/2006 · California, where I live, is the only state where phlebotomists must be licensed although not the case at the time of my blood draw three years ago. But even then things can go wrong. After all, we're talking about hard steel entering soft flesh in an area of. 06/03/2012 · Large lump in arm after blood taken. Sjogrens World Forums News: New to the. The swelling has gone down and it's not as sore. Could this be from the Methotrexate? Or Plaquenil? Logged. I used to draw a fair amount of blood back when I was nursing and so many people are easy to draw blood from and then there are those who. 15/10/2012 · Had blood work done on Friday. All went well, no signs of anything to be concerned about. This past weekend a bruise develops on my forearm. First red, then greenish, and inside of elbow becomes kind of sore. There's no pins & needles feeling at. 02/11/2008 · Severe Arm Pain After Blood Test, How Long Does It Usually Last ? I have a number of chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, MS, migraines, and other problems. I take medications to relieve them, and they help a bit. Recently I had a blood test and the phlebotomist took my blood from the. I've just been for a blood test a little less than an hour ago. My veins are very deep and the nurse finds it difficult to get blood out of me every time I go, they had to try twice in both arms with both butterfly and adult needles. After every blood test I have my arms hurt so bad I struggle to lift them or hold anything even like a cup of tea.

Lump in arm after drawing blood Lump in arm after donating blood All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. To me this definitively doesn't sound normal, in my experience having done lots of i.v. blood taking/injections/infusions, and having my own blood taken by the lab.

04/04/2017 · I went to my doctor's office for a routine blood test to check on my iron levels. The instant the needle pricked my skin it was an extremely sharp pain. It hurt badly the entire time only one small vial and then after she took it out, it still hurt really bad as I tried to continue on with my day. The draw site still twinges with pain. Is Arm hurts after blood drawn your major concern? Solve your problem quick & easy with online consultation. Get your query answered 247 with Expert Advice and Tips from doctors for Arm hurts after blood drawn Practo Consult.

At one point, she said she was going to flush the syringe, as apparently, there was backflow. Following the blood draw, my systolic blood pressure dropped 30mm Hg shortly after the draw. I was not nervous at any point, until the bad draw and seeing my systolic pressure drop 30mm Hg. 07/02/2018 · Bruises after a blood draw are fairly common and will go away on their own as the body reabsorbs the blood. The bruise is caused by damage to a few small blood vessels during the blood draw process, and is usually not the fault of your healthcare provider. I have developed a grape-sized lump where blood was drawn from my AC? Asked 19 Sep 2013 by kathyhanson Updated 19 May 2017 Topics pain, lump. This blood draw was over a week ago. Yesterday, it started hurting to bend my elbow. Today I can feel a big lump in the bend of my elbow that is as sore as a boil. There is no discoloration, but slight. 26/03/2012 · Swollen lump on arm right after blood draw. If it's sore you can put some heat on it and take some over the counter pain meds like Tylenol as directed. If you find you keep bumping it, you can wrap an ace wrap over it, not tight, but just tight enough to keep it from falling off.

  1. Whether you are donating blood or getting blood tests, when cold, hard steel mixes with delicate inner tissues and veins, many things can go wrong. If you experience unusual or prolonged pain after getting blood drawn, you may be at risk for a rare but serious condition.
  2. Arm sore 3 weeks after blood draw. I've had times where I've been sore for several weeks. Try icing it, that can help a lot. I would even sit at restaurants and hold my glass of ice water on top of the sore spot. It can bring the inflammation down in a few days.
  3. Arm still sore 5 days after blood draw?: Is this normal? This is my second pregnancy so I have had my blood drawn a lot and it has never once given me any discomfort past like a hour of having it done. I had my blood drawn diabetes test last Tuesday morning and now it is Sunday and my whole arm still aches terribly. I have bruising around the.
  4. After having your blood drawn, while leaving, continue to apply pressure to the site of the draw. If your arm begins to ache, the blood flow will not stop, or it feels odd, you should return to the office immediately and request that they assist you until it is safe for you to go.

20/09/2014 · I gave blood during the last week of August. I think it was my 5th time and I'd never had any issues before. After the needle went into my arms it started to ache further up in the bicep. This continued to get worse to the point I couldn't take opening and closing my hand. Just as I was about to call the nurse over I'd thankfully given enough. Sometimes in these cases, bruising and pain can follow a blood draw and very rarely, a blood clot in arm areas surrounding the draw site may appear. It is important to understand that having blood drawn is not known as a common reason for blood clot causes. Typically, immobility, injury or disease are the most common culprits. Bicep Pain Causes. Bicep pain is usually caused by an injury from exercising or playing sports. However, there are other causes to consider. The following sections may give you a better idea of what is behind your symptoms. If a nurse were to poke through a tendon during a blood draw, does the patient typically feel the injury right away like with a nerve being hit? Will it always lead to tendinitis or worse? What would be the prognosis? With some people that are larger, obviously, the nurse needs to go by feel. My.

Pain in Arm a Week After Giving Blood. Updated on December 02, 2008 A.K. asks from Rockwall, TX on November 30, 2008 12 answers. I gave blood 8 days ago, and my arm is still sore. It feels like it is bruised, but not right where the blood was 's on the side of my arm near my elbow. There is no visible bruise. My arm.

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